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Fancy Dinner

Making Dreams Come True

Abacus Event Planning and Production Inc.(Abacus) is a full service event planning and production firm based in New York. We have dedicated professionals that will build the event to suit all of your demands, and a team of experienced experts that helps deliver your unforgettable memories. 

From venue selection to the design of the invitation, we are here to bring your vision to life. 



Good food is the Foundation of Genuine Happiness

Morning events should have brunch

or breakfast foods while afternoon

and night events have more menu flexibility.

Do you want a buffet-style meal

or individual plated meals? 

We will help you choose the appropriate meal for your guests.


Asian Cuisine
Pink Card



much more...

We help you design your personalized logo,  invitation card, food menu, etc - digital and in printing. 

Please call us at 718.973.5388 for more info.


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